How to manage a diverse team

More and more leaders have to be careful when managing people from many different cultures and backgrounds. It is easy to make mistakes because we do not always understand the why, how, and who of the people on our team.

In this world of immigration, refugees, demographic changes, and complex identity the workplace requires us to consider how we navigate all these differences and changes while effectively and efficiently manage our teams.
Understanding differences, honoring other people's cultures, and embracing that the world is constantly changing is a critical component of good leadership.

This will help you in bringing out the best from both the individuals on your team and the team as whole. The better you understand people, the better your leadership will be, and you will make better decisions for your organization.

Main topics:

  • Culture and diversity.
  • Collaboration and honesty.
  • Respect and appreciation.
  • How to be creative in analysing and evaluating team dynamics.


To better understand cultural differences.

To learn ways to communicate effectively.

To be able to negotiate the Intercultural elements of the workplace.

To appreciate that differences are strength.


The course is taught in english.

Participants should bring their own computers, writing materials and tools. Participants need to bring an open mind and willingness

Helstu upplýsingar

  • Tími
    Tuesday, October 8th 2024, at 08.30 - 12.30, registration open until the 25th of September at 10.00.
  • Lengd
    4 klst.
  • Umsjón
    Dr. Arni Thor Arnthorsson, Ph.D. in Marketing and Business Administration
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    Án kostnaðar / Námskeiðið er félagsfólki aðildarfélaga og samstarfssjóða að kostnaðarlausu
  • Markhópur
    Managers and leaders who have teams from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
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    Only for members of the unions belonging to Starfsmennt and cooperative funds. Members of BHM with membership to Starfsþróunarsetur háskólamanna need to contact Starfsmennt to register. Others can sign up at The University of Iceland. A seat is only secure once Starfsmennt has changed the status of your registration from ,nýr/new” to ,,samþykkt/approved.” A notification will be sent out when/if approved.

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    Soffía G. Santacroce


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