Taylor-made programs  

Starfsmennt offers taylor-made educational programs for organisations within the public sector based on the results of a need analysis. Starfsmennt also develops programs for continuous VET and competence development of various occupational groups within the public sector like prison guards, court clerks, health and social workers and service clerks.

Service to backup HRM

The Centre offers service in the field of HRM (human resource management) with the aim of enhancing employees' competences and strengthening a nourishing organisational culture with focus on development and positive work environment. 

Starfsmennt provides counselling and assistance to public organisations when making competence strategy and career development plans. Starfsmennt assists with analysing competence needs and setting up development programs for enhancing the skills and competences of the workforce. Also, organisations can get assistance in finding ways to build up positive and healthy organisational culture, where employees' wellbeing and positive motivation is in focus.