About Starfsmennt

Starfsmennt, the Educational Training Centre for Public Employees is a collaborative forum for competence development and vocational education and training for public employees and organisations. 

The Centre was established in year 2001 as a result of a collective agreement between the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (employer´s side) and the majority of unions within BSRB, the Federation of State and Municipal Employees. 

The Centre’s objective is to assist public employees and organisations in enhancing competences, both general as well as specific, so employees can adjust to challenging assignments in an ever-changing work environment and organisations can build up a culture where competences, skills and wellbeing of their workforce is a priority. Therefore the Centre provides various educational courses and pathways, career counselling for individuals and counselling for managers on human resources and competence development.

Rules on the Educational Training Centre for Public Employees.pdf

Developmental projects to backup HRM and workplace learning

The Centre takes part in different partnership projects, both on domestic as well as international level. Thus, Starfsmennt has participated in various projects within different fields such as Validation of Prior Learning, distance and digital teaching and learning, use of digital means in adult education, enhancing competences due to the digital evolution.

Collaboration e.g. through Erasmusplus and information on current and recent projects.

Please contact Starfsmennt on smennt(at)smennt.is for further information.